Issue #28: Podcast Announcement

I have an announcement. Starting this Tuesday, Think Like an Owner is going weekly.


Live shot of me telling my grandma the news this weekend.

That is all, enjoy the 4th!

Thank you to Traction Capital Partners for supporting the podcast and making it easier than ever to create new episodes. Traction acquires companies in the Pacific Northwest with between $1-5m in EBITDA and has acquired two companies to date. Visit their website or contact one of the partners, Justin Turner, directly to learn more.

Capital Notes

  • Mike Boyd just launched his newsletter called The Business of Family focusing on multi-generation family businesses and how they endure. I subscribed immediately and I strongly recommend you do the same, this is going to be good. Here’s Issue #1.

  • Will Schoeberlein in his new Substack called Japan Business Insights interviewed Japan Search Fund Accelerator for the first article. I loved this interview and found it fascinating. I suspect you will too.

  • I admire David Perell’s work and recently he tweeted about his company founding story.

  • I find paid newsletters fascinating, apparently there’s a Ferrari focused newsletter that makes $2 million per year.

If you found an interesting article, podcast, or interview that I missed, please let me know, I’m always looking for interesting stuff.


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