Scott Picker – Founder & Owner of Aspen Creek Landscaping – Ep. 29

My guest today is Scott Picker. Scott was born and raised in Oregon and went to college at Washington State University where he majored in agriculture education and horticulture, before starting Aspen Creek Landscaping in Sherwood, Oregon. Over the last 20 years, Scott has built a 55 employee landscape construction and maintenance company focused on high end residential and local wineries. During the episode we talk about him planning out and building Aspen with his wife from the ground up, how it has evolved over time and how he’s had to change his role to suit the company, building a great, customer focused team, succession planning, and his side business raising 160 longhorns on his ranch.

This episode was an amazing look at what running a company looks like on the inside and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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